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Sai Tau Kok Warehouse 3rd Oct 2012

沙頭角貨倉 2012年10月3日


沙頭角恐龍坑貨倉位於新界北區鄰近深圳文錦渡邊境, 公司管理層在2012年6月至10月期間, 委派了一組地盤僱員前往整修及執拾沙頭角貨倉, 原本是露天貨場的貨倉曾經堆放了大量地盤完工後運回來的物資及工具, 其中包括鐵架, 鐵枝, 鋼根, 落石屎鐵吊斗, 大量地磚, 疏水沙磚, 看更亭, 電油垌,  漆油, 工字鐵, 坑鐵板, 閘水鐵板, 圍街, 坑鐵, 圍欄, 欄河, 雪糕垌, 風砲風機, 鐵板, 千斤頂, 坑渠蓋, 渠冚, 渠垌, 鐵支, 剷車, 辦公室家俬, 文件櫃, 私家車, 電製箱等等。

Sha Tau Kok dinosaur pit warehouse is located in the northern New Territories near Shenzhen, Man Kam To border management of the Company in the period from June 2012 to October, to appoint a group of sites employees to repair and tidy up the Sha Tau Kok warehouses, originally open storage of goods positions have piled up a the supplies shipped back after the completion of a large number of sites and tools, including hob, iron bars, steel root, falling concrete iron bucket, a large number of tiles, hydrophobic sand bricks, to see more kiosks the petrol PANGXIDONG, Paints word iron, pit iron, sheet iron gates water, Wai Street, pit iron fences, railings, ice cream PANGXIDONG, air gun fan, iron, jack, ditch cover, drainage hem, Drainage PANGXIDONG, metal rods and shovelscar, office furniture, filing cabinets, private cars, electric system box, and so on.